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Time for recap 

Very soon we will say goodbye to 2022 - a year full of learning curves, interesting projects, team growth and many new social connections!
Enjoy our last post in this 2022 calendar! 

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We identified our locations for behaviour change experiments which would increase micro-interactions between residents and essential workers - Hammersmith in London and Drumchapel and Maryhill in Glasgow for our Essential Mix project.


We worked with Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Housing team, training them in working with residents and develop a listening squad of staff to engage with residents of the borough to understand their lived experiences, needs and preferences.

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We published our Loneliness report which identified who is most at risk and showed that 700,000 Londoners are severely lonely.


We helped the Local Area Partnership “SEND” System in Surrey gain a deeper insight into the lived experiences of young children with additional needs.

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Our work with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust on alleviating loneliness in the armed forces inspired us and we created something called the Impact Galleries. This is a tool that shows what is going on in communities and it also celebrates success and brings people together. 


We supported the Thank You day initiative which aims to provide communities with an opportunity to connect and show kindness towards one another.

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We worked with ProBono Economics to develop transformative ideas and approaches to maximise the power of Civil Society for the next generation.


We held 5 community events with Hammersmith’s Law Enforcement Team where residents had the chance to speak to the officers in person, ask questions and learn about the service.

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Our Glasgow team organised Community Pop-Ups at Tesco - these were small events where local community support organisations came to stores and engaged with customers. Over 500 customers were engaged with local support services. We “switched” on stores to be a place of information, resource and connection!


We undertook a fascinating piece of work exploring the experiences of community WhatsApp groups and their impact on local people and communities, unpacking the myriad benefits that these groups offer including connection to their neighbours, saving money, and being well linked with their local council. 

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Working closely with the TfL we installed signage to more than 100 London buses in Hammersmith with the aim to encourage engagement between passengers and drivers.  


We facilitated intergenerational communication between young people and veterans from Drumchapel who collaborated and created some beautiful murals. We also organised a Dragons' Den with the aim to support young people in a participatory budgeting project.  

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2023 - bring it on, we are ready to make our (United) Kingdom more social! 
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