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Join our free webinar Thurs 27th April 12-1pm

Neighbourhood communication groups (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Nextdoor) help residents to be more connected and supported, more informed on local issues and events, and to save more in the face of the CoL crisis through the sharing of surplus goods/food and low cost recommendations.

These groups also enable residents to be more involved in local decision making and community action, with fast, easy and wide reaching engagement across a street/block/estate. They can provide a new, two-way communication channel between councils and their residents. Ultimately helping to bolster civic informedness and engagement.

In this webinar, Neighbourly Lab, will present their research into these groups - uses, benefits, challenges, who is yet to join and why. With particular focus on how these groups can support the work of local authorities and VCFOs, and brainstorm how we might encourage more groups to establish and how we can support them to flourish.



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