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Small interactions matter... and the nation agrees

A week on from the launch of our report 'Encouraging greater kindness and interaction on London buses: findings and impact report', we are reflecting on how well the findings were received. News outlets and social media platforms across the country were abuzz with talk about the importance of thanking/appreciating bus drivers and other frontline staff.

What was most encouraging for us was to see the nationwide agreement on the importance of these micro-interactions - appreciation for the value of both giving and receiving this kinds of small interactions. A widespread sentiment of 'it costs nothing to be kind'

We were blown away by the media coverage also. Some of the nations biggest media outlets getting behind the message that small interactions matter. Like BBC Breakfast, BBC News, BBC Radio, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and more. It was even quoted on Loose Women!

If you're interested in learning more about the research, please get in touch with Grainne -

Otherwise, please humour us with some indulgent snippets of the coverage below - this is our version of sticking your report card up on your nan's fridge 😊

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