Comunity Development Practitioner

Iain is a Community Development Practitioner who is passionate about participation and connecting young people with the processes, policies and decisions in which their input is regularly overlooked. Iain’s academic background is in Theatre and Performance. Iain worked in a variety of community theatre roles before gaining experience in a wide range of youth focussed and community development roles. Most recently, Iain worked at the University of Glasgow as a Coordinator with Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland. In this role he supported children and young people to identify their priorities for their own wellbeing and development, whilst empowering them to make the changes in their life and community that would benefit them directly. Iain is passionate about encouraging partners and professionals to adopt a youth led approach, valuing young people as active participants and contributors in their community. Iain is passionate about utilising his own lived experience of antisocial behaviour, gang violence and conflict with the justice system and as such now sits on the Executive Governance Group for the Children and Young Peoples Centre for Justice at Strathclyde University.