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The Big Help Out 2024 Toolkit

During the pandemic, we saw millions of people volunteer to support each other through the biggest national crisis since the Second World War. This cemented volunteering as a core driver of connection. However, in the years since the worst phase of the pandemic drew to a close, the country has seen a significant decline in

volunteer numbers.

/Together partners saw the opportunity to invite people to step forward in their communities to give their time, not money, to important causes.

In 2024, The Big Help Out will return and align with Volunteers’ Week from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June, and we will begin the work of transforming this campaign

from a one-off day of mass action for the Coronation into a key part of every voluntary organisation’s annual calendar.

At Neighbourly Lab we worked as part of the Big Help Out campaign to support local councils to encourage more local volunteering.

By supporting councils to build on their existing assets and strengths to promote volunteering, to be front and centre to the day in terms of engaging their voluntary sector and opening up local volunteering opportunities. We also encouraged councils to think long-term, focusing on how the Big Help Out can be used as a jumping-off point

to encourage more long-term volunteering opportunities.

As a result, we captured these learnings and developed this toolkit available to download below.

Big Help Out - Toolkit for Local Government to get involved (2)
Download PDF • 5.24MB

This is not focused only on the Big Help Out but it is designed for local councils to use to support you to breathe fresh life into the way you engage with volunteering opportunities.

Sign up today - visit

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