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We believe that connected communities are strong communities, where people can access the support and care they need to flourish and participate.

Our Misson is to understand how people and communities can be supported to better connect. 


Our focus is on modifying environments and providing tools to enable more social connectedness to occur. We also help public service organisations to serve everybody in their area equitably and inclusively, so all people have opportunities to thrive in their local place. 


We do this through research, innovation, training and sharing evidence around ‘what works’. 

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Our Priorities

We are focused on efficacy - what works, where and why - so that solutions can be scaled and replicated elsewhere.

Much of our work focuses on amplifying the voices of more marginalised and lesser heard groups, and in particular in regions with higher-than-average levels of social or economic hardship, or where there are problems related to connectedness (e.g. exclusion, prejudice and loneliness). 


We pursue our mission in three key ways.  


  • Identifying ways that places and spaces can be set up/designed to enable connection and support 

  • Understanding how to help newcomers to settle well and access what they need in a new place

  • Helping public service organisations to serve everybody in their area equitably and inclusively (e.g. through housing, health, community safety)

There is so much evidence for the need to take different, more adaptive, and sensitive approaches when carrying out research with systematically excluded groups of people. This is where Neighbourly Lab’s strengths lie and is why we have such confidence in working with them. 

​Lucy Dixon, Strategic Lead-Research,
Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System

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