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What we are here to do:

To help build happier, healthier neighbourhoods where people meet and mix easily and can flourish and participate.This is 'social-connectedness', our mission is to figure out new ways to massively increase social-connection throughout the UK, in order to reduce exclusion, prejudice and loneliness.

How we do it: 

By sharing evidence about 'what works'; by running experiments and helping organisations to implement new ways to strengthen their communities.

Our Story

Neighbourly Lab is focused on efficacy – figuring out what works, and where and why so that solutions can be scaled and replicated elsewhere. Because of this emphasis on scale and replicability, the Lab has a particular interest in the role of technology and social infrastructure.

The Lab looks broadly at all types of neighbourhoods and everyday-life interactions (for example: in streets or shops or buses), and this extends to how people engage with each other in online environments.  Whilst our work covers everybody in the UK, much of our work focuses on how newcomers to a place are enabled to settle and flourish and feel welcome.

We work in all four nations of the UK, and much of our work focuses on regions with higher-than-average levels of social or economic hardship, or where there are perceived problems related to connectedness.


"There is so much evidence for the need to take different, more adaptive, and sensitive approaches when carrying out research with systematically excluded groups of people. This is where Neighbourly Lab’s strengths lie and is why we have such confidence in working with them."

​Lucy Dixon, Strategic Lead-Research,
Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System

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