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Mixing across difference


What makes a neighbourhood neighbourly?  

The Lab focuses on what works to build happy healthy neighbourhoods. 


  • Increase community participation and social cohesion

  • Reduce exclusion, prejudice and loneliness 

Amassing data about what works

Supporting organisations to get it right

Experiments to test and learn more


About the Neighbourhood Lab

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Harry Hobson

Harry is Director of the Neighbourly Lab. He's obsessed by how evidence can improve social outcomes for people and stop money being wasted.  Strategic consultant and social-entrepreneur, also father, beekeeper, paddle-boarder..  Holds MA degrees from Cambridge and SOAS London

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Qamar Zaman

Qamar is Head of Data Science at the Neighbourly Lab.  Previously the Chief Economist and Head of Data and Behavioural Science at the Banking Standards Board. Holds advanced degrees from McGill and Oxford universities.

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Marnie Freeman

Marnie is head of Qualitative Research at the Neighbourly Lab. She has a background in research around conflict-resolution, community-development, and a specialism of working with young-people. She holds MSc Sussex and SOAS London

We are independent and collaborative. If you’d like to join us or work with us, do please get in touch by emailing

Some of our partners and collaborators

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