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Newham Recording - Roundtable Series - Kickstarting Social Infrastructure

Recorded - Wednesday 3rd April 2024

The first of our 6 'Kickstarting Social Infrastructure' roundtable series focused on Newham.

Social Infrastructure is key to developing stronger, more connected and resilient communities, however, its presence can be felt unevenly across the UK.

 At Neighbourly Lab we sought to understand what needs to be in place to support the development of good social infrastructure across England that is experienced equally across communities. Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund ,we deeply engaged across 6 areas in England to focus on what social infrastructure is, exploring examples of good social infrastructure, barriers to its development and what needs to be in place to support the creation of social infrastructure.

We are now sharing these insights across a series of roundtables based in the 6 areas we conducted our research - the first being Newham where we were joined by guest speaker Kellie Tonkyn, Team Leader at Welcome Newham.

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NEWHAM | ROUNDATBLE SESSION (3rd April 2024) Speakers - Beth Worku-Dix & Emma Bowkett Guest Speaker - Kellie Tonkyn, 'Welcome Newham'

Click here to download the accompanying presentations.

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